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Our mission is to empower botanical consumers with knowledge, wisdom and inspiration to create a happy, healthy life using herbal supplements as a foundation for living their best lives.



Our vision is long term. We see the Big Picture and plan ahead. We seek to understand the Mysteries of the Sacred Plants, also known as Entheogens, and to pass that knowledge on to our readers.


Developed and designed by a photojournalist who lives with Chronic Pain. We bring two decades of writing, design and editing to the pages of Kratom Culture Magazine.


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Many people ask us if Kratom Culture Magazine is available in print. Short answer- no. Why? Because it is to your advantage, and ours (as well as Mother Earth’s!) to be available to as many readers as possible while keeping our costs low - which translates to lower costs to our advertisers. While print is nice, we have a larger reach via digital, plus it saves trees and the ozone!

Kratom Culture goes where you go!

Kratom Culture goes where you go!


Kratom Culture is free & distributed on thedigital publishing platform Issuu.

Kratom Culture is published in PDF format

Whether your product is kratom, kava, CBD, cannabis, or you’re a vape shop owner, all are welcome to advertise with us at Kratom Culture Magazine.

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Readership: 5,000

Frequency: Quarterly

Issue Cost: FREE on issuu.com

Size: 8.5" x 11" (No bleed)

Publisher: Culpepper Creatives

Established: Winter 2018

Concept: November 2017

Market: Worldwide

Formats: PDF on ISSUU

WEBSITE: Kratom-culture.com

CONTACT: info@kratom-culture.com

We’re on Social Media!

We’re on Social Media!

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