Kratom Culture Magazine is the world’s first publication dedicated to the kratom & chronic pain advocate lifestyle.

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Our mission is to empower botanical consumers with knowledge, wisdom and inspiration to create a happy, healthy life using herbal supplements as a foundation for living their best lives.


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Many people ask us if Kratom Culture Magazine is available in print. Short answer- no. Why? Because it is to your advantage, and ours (as well as Mother Earth’s!) to be available to as many readers as possible while keeping our costs low - which translates to lower costs to our advertisers. While print is nice, we have a larger reach via digital, plus it saves trees and the ozone!

Kratom Culture goes where you go!

Kratom Culture goes where you go!


Kratom Culture is free & distributed on thedigital publishing platform Issuu.

Kratom Culture is published in PDF format

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Readership: 5,000

Frequency: Quarterly

Issue Cost: FREE on

Size: 8.5" x 11" (No bleed)

Publisher: Culpepper Creatives

Established: Winter 2018

Concept: November 2017

Market: Worldwide

Formats: PDF on ISSUU



We’re on Social Media!

We’re on Social Media!

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Heather Culpepper - Founder, Publisher, Editor and Creative Director

Kratom Culture Magazine was founded by a reporter with two decades experience writing for the nation’s largest daily - Gannett News. Heather used her experience in research and writing to develop Kratom Culture.

You can check out her previous work here.

Marisa Michaels - Editor & Writer

Marisa Michaels - Editor & Writer

Shari McFadden - Social Media Manager

Shari McFadden - Social Media Manager