Mississipi Agent Who Tried to Force Kratom Ban Has a Few Skeletons in Her Closet

Agent Tammy Reynolds (left) wants to ban kratom, yet she admits we can’t arrest our way out of the opioid epidemic. Does that make ANY sense?

Agent Tammy Reynolds (left) wants to ban kratom, yet she admits we can’t arrest our way out of the opioid epidemic. Does that make ANY sense?

Agent Tammy Reynolds claims her ex-husband spent $800/WK on Kratom. She also claims it has killed 2 people in Mississippi.

A news report in the Daily Journal wrote about the attempt to ban kratom back in April:

Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics agent Tammy Reynolds appeared before the Board of Supervisors Monday to request a ban on the sale and possession of kratom, a product they described as dangerous and addictive.

Reynolds said kratom mimics other illegal drugs and can interact with other substances in dangerous ways.

“People are supplementing their opioid use with kratom,” Reynolds said.

Kratom is derived from the leaves of a tropical tree in southeast Asia and is variously sold in powder, liquid and capsule form.

Lee County supervisors indicated they will review a draft ordinance at their next meeting and will set a public hearing date at that time.

A number of surrounding counties and municipalities have imposed similar bans, with the encouragement of local law enforcement, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and a group of kratom opponents based in Lowndes County.

Kratom supporters say it is a safe and effective painkiller and can even help alleviate withdrawal symptoms for opiate addiction. Reynolds dismissed these claims.

“No matter who you are, you should not be treating your pain out of a gas station,” Reynolds said.

So, when we read this story, we thought it was awfully odd that they would claim right out of the gate that two people died from a “kratom overdose” stating that kratom was all they had in their systems.

We know from previous experience that any time we dig deeper, the truth about the matter comes out.

First of all, it’s really not up to Law Enforcement how we treat our own pain. Saying that someone should not treat their pain out of a gas station when everyone, even cancer patients, have been cut off their medications, is a bit arrogant and nosy. Especially when one can buy alcohol, tobacco. Goody Powder, Tylenol and Advil at the gas station.

She also claimed that one man spent $800/wk on kratom. Read that again. EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS A WEEK.

Really? Come on.

People should be allowed to treat their own health however they damn well please. The Kratom Police need to mind their own business. Everything they are saying sounds like they got it straight from the mouth of the FDA.

But, there’s a reason for that. We suspect that FDA finds vulnerable people who are in need of either money or a career boost and offer them help if they just demonize kratom from county to county. Especially in the south, where large numbers of people have been cut off their meds.

So, what is that huge skeleton hanging in Reynolds’ closet? Wait for it…

Kratom Culture Magazine

The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics demoted Ms. Reynolds from Captain to LE Agent V and removed her from the DEA task force.

Ms. Reynolds was a Captain at MBN.  A former employee accused her of pilfering psuedoephedrine from MHP drop boxes for unused prescriptions.  MBN ordered the Captain to submit to a drug screen.  She stated on the drug screen form that she was taking a prescription drug.   MBN suspended her. 

MBN conducted a due process hearing for the accused after serving her with a pre-disciplinary action notice.  Captain Leigh Cochran didn't muffle the charges but instead said that Captain Reynolds "provided inaccurate information.”

Captain Cochran charged Reynolds with misconduct, impropriety, breach of integrity, giving false statements, and insubordination.

She was later cleared of the charges, however, the fact remains she committed theft. It doesn’t matter how small the theft was. Stealing is stealing.

She said she was being "asked to recall incidents that happened over ten years ago" and was answering to the best of her ability.   MBN said she made false statements.  She failed a polygraph test BUT MBN later admitted that it improperly scored the test.  However, MBN nailed her anyway because, get ready for this, she took not one, but TWO packets of Biofreeze from a first-aid kit in an MBN tech room.

Sounds to us like she has a bit of a sordid past. As someone who has to take prescription medication should know, most of them have horrific side effects. Why are all these police officers now self appointed kratom police? Why is law enforcement acting as a health care provider without a license?

The bottom line is this: the healthcare system in America is terribly expensive and even when one can afford care, all you get is a prescription and a 15 minute appointment. There’s no way anyone can define the root cause of any disease in such a small time frame.

America, it’s time for a Botanical Revolution.