CDC Guidelines Continue Harming Patients

Florida Pain Clinic Says a Notice to Patients that opioids will no longer be prescribed was unauthorized. But then they turn around and tell their patients that everybody will be tapered to meet the CDC guidelines.

"PPOA said it would continue prescribing opioids to patients when it is appropriate, adding that they would be tapered to lower doses. “Patients are and will continue to be titrated down according to CDC guidelines; however, there is no cut-off date,” Hickman said."

Somewhere along the way, the idiots at Physician Partners of America’s Jacksonville clinic missed hearing the message in CDC's announced "clarification" of the guidelines. Even the CDC has stated unequivocally that the guidelines were never meant as a mandate to taper patients who are otherwise stable and well maintained on an existing program of opioid therapy.

This kind of persistent over-reaction is a glaring illustration of the necessity for outright repeal of the CDC guidelines and of all Federal and State regulations which incorporate them. Call your Congressional Representative and Senators offices TOMORROW and demand that they hold hearings with patients testifying to the widespread harms done by the CDC and their refusal to do the right thing and outright repudiate this horrendously misguided document. The Guidelines must GO! Not next year. RIGHT NOW!

Pat Anson, Pain News Network editor writes:

“A Florida-based chain of surgery centers and pain clinics says a sign that briefly appeared at one of its clinics implying that the company would no longer prescribe opioid medication is unauthorized and untrue.

The sign appeared in a window at Physician Partners of America’s Jacksonville clinic on May 14.  Someone took a picture of the sign and posted it online, where it was widely shared on Twitter and Facebook among pain patients, advocates and doctors.

“ATTENTION ALL PATIENTS,” the sign said in bold red letters. “Per our chief (medical) officer, Dr. Rivera, we will be starting to focus on interventional medicine only and we will not be managing medication. This will be fully effective within the next 30 days or less.”

For someone taking opioid medication for chronic pain, the threat of being cutoff is very real. The potential number of patients that would be impacted would also be significant. Physician Partners of America (PPOA) treats around 20,000 patients in Florida and Texas.

The problem with the sign is that it isn’t true, according to the company.”

Thanks to Red Lawhern and Pain News Network for providing this info.