Herbs and Daily Rituals that  Boost Oral Flora


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Most dentists will tell you that genetics, fluoride treatments, regular dental visits, and proper dental care will result in perfectly healthy teeth. However, for millennia many of our ancestors have kept a perfectly healthy mouth with very simple protocols, that certanily didn't involve a dentist, fluoride fills or even cavity removal.  Interestingly enough, studies show that the modern western world has suffered an unusual amount of tooth decay and dental diseases, more so than the ancients, and even current indigenous tribes that live (very) remotely. You're probably thinking, Hm…well, probably the reason is that they’ve not been exposed to processed foods, like refined sugar, or a lack of exposure to excessive toxicity, (etc.). Well, yes and no. Many indigenous tribes around the world have involved daily dental care practices using plant medicines, and artisan crafted oils (animal and plant based) to not only prevent oral diseases, but for aesthetically pleasing pursuits.

The truth is the most important action you can take to maintain oral health is to eat a healthy diet. Avoiding artificial additives (flavors, colors, preservatives), refined sugars, GMOs, excessive pasteurized foods (or deficient foods in general), etc. Do not consume foods laden with herbicides, pesticides, and preservatives, or deficient and unethically farmed proteins (meat, fish, poultry and dairy) as that naturally weakens the immune system, and strips the body from minerals, contributing to chronic deficiency. Minerals assist our body with strength and rejuvenation, supporting our bones, musculature and body overall. Once we start noticing patterns of deficiency, we can start seeing its manifestation through the body in particular to the mouth area -- some signs are:  : tooth stains, a tongue with white or yellow coating, a crackly tongue, bleeding gums (or gum that easily bleed), chapped or broken lips (regardless of weather)   The healthiest of cultures across the planet share the same pattern within their diet: fresh and whole unadulterated foods. These basic standards, along with natural add-ons and other simple techniques is how the ancients kept their healthy teeth. Below is a shortlist of some of my favorite herbs used for oral care for hundreds of years.

Excerpted from Anima Mundi Apothecary.