WHO Recognizes Chronic Pain as Disease

WHO Recognizes Chronic Pain as Disease

The World Health Organization has adopted a new classification system for chronic pain, assigning it the code ICD-11 in a revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). It’s the first time the ICD will include a specific diagnostic code for chronic pain, along with sub-codes for several common chronic pain conditions.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is Now Law in Utah

On March 26th, 2019 Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed SB 58, The Kratom Consumer Protection Act, into law. This makes Utah the first state to enact protections for kratom consumers from adulterated and misbranded kratom products.

Senator Curt Bramble, the sponsor of SB 58, was a vociferous advocate for kratom consumers and stood his ground when the FDA tried to bully the Legislature with their attempts to criminalize kratom consumers.

Kratom consumers across America owe Senator Bramble our deepest thanks for setting the standard for the other states to enact their own kratom consumer protection laws. More than a dozen states are currently considering their own versions of The Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

The AKA is receiving reports from our lobbyists and activists on the ground in each of those states that the FDA is ramping up their attacks on us. With the Utah law now on the books, the AKK will redouble our efforts to fight the FDA’s distortions and lies about kratom.

Thanks to all the #KratomWarriors for your ongoing support. Thanks to all the Utah Kratom Warriors