Why Kratom Culture Magazine Needs Your Support to Thrive

Kratom Culture Magazine is a business just like any other. We spend 40+ hours a week developing marketing materials, designing the website, updating the blog, running our Social Media channels, interacting with our audience and building our brand. Some have gone as far as to call Kratom Culture Magazine the “High Times of the Kratom world!” And that’s exactly how we like to think of ourselves. This business is difficult to say the least and funding it has come primarily out of our own pockets. As such, we need your help in order to grow and thrive. We would like to hire a few more people to come on board to help us grow and reach epic proportions. Since we don’t charge for the magazine, the funding we need to grow comes from our advertisers and our readers. Without your support, we couldn’t make this happen. Thank you!

We do have a couple of other options, so if you have trouble with any of these or prefer to use another method, please email us or hit us up on Facebook Messenger!

To donate using Google Pay: odinselephant@gmail.com

To donate using Cash App, use the following cashtag: $kculturemag

To donate using Venmo, use @kculture

To donate using Zelle, use heather@culpeppercreatives.com